Charitable Creatures


'Charitable Creatures' is a new comedy bringing together the unlikely combination of animal welfare and comedy in a new one-act play. Comedy is a fantastic way of raising awareness and making things memorable stimulating discussion and inspiring change.


The comedy arises from various eccentric characters visiting the World Animal Trust charity shop and care and concern for animals is reflected through the protagonist Annabelle Shepherd and the focus of the work of the charity. 


Sadly, there are many cruel inherent animal practices in the UK and globally and I would like to develop the concept further to promote awareness about the ethical treatment of animals and current welfare issues.




Animal protection isn't a radical idea. It follows the simple principles that if animals feel pain, joy and fear, they should be protected from suffering.

– Anonymous

'The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way animals are treated' – Mahatma Gandhi